Sometimes you just need to communicate: speaking, writing, or blogging! In fact, the reason I began this blog was to have place where you and I could connect.  I believe that we have an incredible message burning within that we are compelled to get out.  Jeremiah put it this way…

Then I said, “I will not make mention of Him, Nor speak anymore in His name.” But His word was in my heart like a burning fire.  (Jeremiah 20:9)


Jeremiah  could no longer contain the Word of the God burning within him. He had to communicate  (Jeremiah 20:9). Do you feel this way too? What good is it to know the truth if that truth only stays within us? Will it not begin to burn! As we contemplate the world around us, as we see the intense needs on every corner, as we hear the news of hunger, murder, broken families, broken lives, and despair… can we just sit by and do nothing? Can we not speak of the truth that sets us free? Can we not use the technology at our grasp to multiply the saving grace of God to the masses?

Do Anything to Get The Word Out

I do have a “hot button,” and it is with lazy people.  There are those that should know better than to squander their time.  What’s worse is when they tell you how much they did (and you know they didn’t do anything! You can probably sense my blood boiling even now.

But here on the mission field, we so desperately need to be engaging with the people in the country where we live.  I just want to say, “Do something, do anything!”  Doesn’t the Word of God burn within them with such intensity that they must communicate it by any way within their means? (Sorry… I told you it was a hot button).  🙂

Cowardly Living is Not Living At All

Sure, living on the mission field is not easy. I understand that. There are things like handling passports and visas and residencies. These things can take weeks, months, or even years to finish. Getting a bank account or a telephone line can take months. If you’re on the field, or considering going to the mission field, you have to know this up front.  These things are time consuming, and yet, must be done to some degree on an almost daily basis.

Now back to the lazy person… they will stop right here at this mundane level of survival.  But you see, this is the difference.  The non-lazy person will keep going.  To the one that has God’s Word burning in his heart, life’s mundane events are opportunities to share Christ’s love.  We need second-mile Christians on the mission field!

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The person that understands this is seeking to carry out a level of ministry that will continue on once he or she [the missionary] has left the field and returned home… which will inevitably happen for one reason or another.

I Dare You… Try to Keep Quiet

Yes… try to keep your mouth shut. Hold the Truth within. Don’t even consider ministering to others… Try it! Let it burn within until you can’t hold it in anymore. The pressure will build… the gauge will start climbing… the safety valve will blow… and hopefully, the Love and Truth within us will pour out and lives will be changed.

“For we cannot but speak the things which we have seen and heard.”  (Acts 4:20).

With Jeremiah, a sense of dejection overwhelmed him and compelled him to seal his lips (Jeremiah 20:9-12). He feared being a failure and the mocking of those without (10). But God’s presence was too great (11). God’s faithfulness in his life had been too great (12). There comes a realization that there is no other alternative than to burst out in praise and tell others of God’s awesome love and provision.

A Challenge

Come on! Wherever you may be on this small sphere called “earth” there is something you can be doing to get the good news out. Start this very moment. Call someone, talk to a neighbor, send an email, start a blog, leave a tract, whatever. Gather up some friends from church, or just do it on your own. Whatever the case… Let’s get moving… the fire is burning way to hot to keep it to ourselves!!!

Discussion Question:  Does this resonate with you?  If it does, let me know your thoughts?

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