Steve and Salva Marlin

Passionate about Sharing the Gospel In Madrid

Madrid is a city of 6.5 million people, and only 0.54% (less than 1%) have been evangelized!

I love cities and am convinced that you ‘reach the world by reaching the city!’ – srm

The needs in the city are staggering. Recently, we asked a young man, “What do you think about God?” He thought for a moment, and responded, “I don’t know. I don’t think I’ve ever thought about God.” Stunning? Yes. But it is an example of what we are facing in Madrid.

It’s All About Church Planting

Our overall goal is to see new churches planted all over the city! We are committed to do this by having several different projects going on at any given time.

The key is that everything we do depends upon partnerships with both nationals committed to the Great Commission and what I like to refer to as our Team USA, our friends in the states that are committed to seeing the gospel go forth from Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, to where we are now… the ends of the earth!

And that is exactly what “Finisterra” means, “ends of the earth”

Multiple Projects in Four Categories

Your giving to Finisterra Ministries helps provide resources needed for us to carry out projects across Madrid that are part of an ongoing ministry strategy. Each of these projects is designed to fit into one of our four main categories of evangelization, discipleship, leadership training, and church planting. 

Materials for evangelism, discipleship, and leadership training are made available through your giving. Purchasing Bibles, literature, books, training materials, training and educational costs, worship instruments, meetings, events, are provided for these projects

Be Part of the Team

Would you join us? We need people that can come visit, provide much needed resources, and lift up the ministry in prayer. Simply put, it's Go, Give, and Pray! When we are faithful in the basics, God does amazing things! Click To Tweet

Your gifts (large and small) go a long way to helping us reach the lost in Madrid.

Thank you for this amazing part you are playing in seeing the good news spread through Madrid. We can’t do this without your prayerful and financial support! Gracias!