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Reaching Spain and Portugal

Welcome to www.finisterra.net

Welcome to www.finisterra.net where our goal is all about providing funds for mission projects to the “ends of the earth!” Our main focus is on the Iberian Peninsula, which consists of Portugal and Spain.

We’ve been involved in missions for longer than we can remember, and longer than we care to admit. The two go hand-in-hand. 🙂

Our team’s initiation into missions consisted of short trips, crossing the border into Mexico, and working with children in orphanages. This later developed over the years into full-blown church-planting on three different continents!

Although we’ve been involved in missions, Finisterra Ministries is relatively new. It grows out of a need to help support the ever-growing needs we are facing as we plant churches in the city! The need is great, and so is the potential impact we can have. Our prayer is for partners to join us in this work. Would you consider being part of our team?

Missions is Our Passion, Church Planting is Our Focus

Missions is our passion, church planting is our main focus, and seeing others also involved in fulfilling the Great Commission is what drives us! And fortunately, there is an ever-increasing number of people that realize that some aspect of missions is for them too. My guess is that since you’re here, it’s because you’re one of them!

Go! Give! And Pray! 

All of us can be, should be, and need to be involved in the great task of missions in one way or another. Missions today is as complex as it s simple. But one thing is clear, we all can serve by going, giving, and praying.

We would love to hear from you! Drop us a line, and in the meantime, let’s all go, give, and pray!

Together for the gospel,
The Finisterra Team


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