So you think missionaries don’t need your prayers? Think again! They are not immune to the problems we all face just because they are missionaries. For that reason, we wanted to give 7 ways to pray for your missionaries.

The truth is, they have the same problems we all have… and oftentimes, these problems are on steroids because your missionary is functioning in a different language and culture. Add to that the daily dynamics we all must deal with… workforce, church, home… and you can see just how vital prayer is.

Missionaries Need Your Prayers!

The bottomline is this… missionaries need your prayers… so much so, that it could very well be a better idea to stop reading this post… and just start praying! And believe me, I would be more than fine with that!!! 🙂

You see, whether you know it or not, you are the lifeline for missionaries around the world. And there is nothing thrills a missionary’s heart more than knowing someone is praying for them when they may be thousands of miles away from home.

You Are Part of the Mission Team

Most missionaries would be the first to tell you that what they are doing, could not be done without the endless prayers of everyone back home! This is reality. You are a team member along with your missionary! And one day, it will all become evident. So just know, you are playing a vital part in overall movement of God in the world.

“As they say in Portugal, ‘Aqui todos vestimos a mesma camisa!’ That translates as, ‘Here, we all wear the same uniform!’  So whether you go, give, or pray… we’re all on the same team!”

So here are 7 ways to pray for your missionaries. I picked this up in a church bulletin somewhere along the line. It’s simple, yet comprehensive. I trust that it will serve as a good outline as you provide prayer support for those on the field!

7 Ways to Pray for Your Missionaries

1. Relationship with God : – 2 Peter 3:18:
• Loving and studying God’s Word
• Strong prayer life
• Walking in the Holy Spirit

2. Physical/Emotional – 2 Thessalonians 2:16-17:
• Adaption to climate
• Health
• Safety in danger
• Victory over loneliness and depression

3. Family Relationships – Ephesians 5:21:
• Husband/wife
• Children/parent
• Family life as a model to nationals
• Coping with singleness

4. Ability to Communicate – 2 Timothy 4:2:
• Language Study
• Continual improvement in luency
• Cultural adaptation and understanding

5. Effective Ministry –2 Thessalonians 3:1-3:
• Teaching, preaching, witnessing
• Boldness, open doors
• Prepared hearts, fruitfulness

6. Team Relationships – John 17:21:
• Other missionaries
• Nationals

7. Country of Service – Colossians 4:2-5; Psalm 2:8:
• Government- national and local
• Political situation
• Visas, continued open door
• Outreach to city, village, tribes
• Help them feel connected

Of course, the idea of seven categories lends itself to rotating through these needs over the course of a seven day week!

“The supreme question of foreign missions is how to multiply the number of Christians who will individually and collectively exert this force of intercession for the conversion and transformation of men. Every other consideration and plan is secondary to that of wielding the forces of prayer.” –Andrew Murray

Discussion Question: What other ways can you think of to pray for your missionaries?

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